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I met Vu and Christine – along with their adorable puppy, Loki – at the San Dimas Dog Park. When Loki and and Lestrade met, they very quickly became friends. So much so that we joked that they were boyfriend and girlfriend!

It’s not many people that truly understand what it’s like to live with a German Shepherd Dog. They are large, loud, and prefer to get most of their exercise by wrestling and torturing other dogs. It was so nice to have friends with a GSD puppy that could understand the terror of having a beast as a dog. Although we very rarely get to the dog park anymore, we are still close friends.

I was so happy when Vu and Christine signed up for one of my family mini-sessions – and even more excited when they told me Loki would be joining us! Vu, Christine, and Loki have welcomed Lestrade, Dantes, and myself into their family with open arms. They are such a sweet family.

I met Vu and Christine at Los Encinos Park in La Verne shortly before sunset. In Southern California the weather is usually extremely sunny. Like, burn-your-face-off sunny. However, I think my mini-sessions are weather-cursed. First, with the Ryan Family it was raining – a lot! With Vu and Christine it was foggy. Southern California never gets fog! At least not this far inland.

Despite the odd weather the sun was out and it made the sky light up in reds and oranges as the sun went down. The sky was as bright as Vu and Christine’s smiles. Loki was as rowdy as ever and it was just tons of fun to shoot.

Vu, Christine, and LokiTon FamilyVu and ChristineVu & Loki, Christine & LokiAs you can see, Vu, Christine, and Loki are such sweet people. They are so full of love and joy that it couldn’t help by spill out into the photos. I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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