"What a marvelous feeling it would be if we could say exactly how we felt.

What a monumental victory.

What a terrifying thought."

-Akif Kichloo


I’ve got the camera, if you’ve got the time.

You & I will be fast friends. We’ll chat about our favorite books and talk about our families. I’ll know your parents’ names and you’ll meet my dogs. It’s important we get to know one another. I want to capture you and to do that I need to know you. You can take me to your favorite book store, I can take you to my favorite cafe. However we do it, we’ll feel like old pals by time your session rolls around.

Lifestyle sessions start in your home. I’ll capture the genuine moments of your day. Is it the lazy Sunday where you and your family pile on the bed? Is it sitting in your comfy chair reading a book? Is it playing a game or making your favorite meal? What we do is entirely up to you, but we will plan something. Next, we’ll choose a place that means something to you and the special ones in your life. We’ll make sure you remember the minutia of your day – the little moments you might forget.

Portraits. There’s a brief moment where everything stops when you’ve seen a photo of yourself that you love. The moment before self-consciousness kicks in and you worry about the shape of your nose, the few extra pounds you’ve put on, or the wrinkles around your eyes. The moment when you realize who you are as person and everything you have to offer the world is wrapped up in this photo. When you smile sheepishly and thing, “wow, I am me.” I live to capture that moment. I want you to look at every picture of you and see the little imperfections are what make you beautiful, and wonderful. They make you, you. The nose you got from your dad, the extra slice of cake you ate at your grandma’s 90th birthday party, the wrinkles that tell a story of the life you’ve lived; the mornings you woke up early, and the nights you stayed up late. I want to capture you, just as you are.

Weddings are big deals! Congratulations, you’ve found your human! The person that gives you that perpetual feeling of your food coming at a restaurant. The person that infuriates you and loves you, challenges you and feeds your soul. I like to shoot weddings like a fly on the wall. I get the little moments when you think no one sees you, when you steal the smile of your soon-to-be-betrothed as they’re standing next to you. I get the smile that passes your parent’s face when they realize how much they love you. I get the laughs your friends share as you take take the dance floor. I get the real you. I take weddings seriously and it’s important that we get to know one another. I want you to cherish these photos for a lifetime, so it’s important that you take a look at my style and read more about me. Are you happy with what you see and read? Great! I can’t wait to watch my new friends get married.

I can't wait to meet you.


90 minutes

Your home & on location

Up to five humans

Digital downloads

Starting at: $375


60 minutes

Your home or on location

Up to two humans

Digital downloads



Partial or full day coverage

Two photographers

Engagement session

Digital downloads

Starting at $ 3,525


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