Thomas Ryan | Tri-City Park, Placentia

Remember when I said I loved the Ryan Family? I was not joking. This time, I met one of the brothers at Tri City Park in Placentia. The whole family is kind, caring, and hysterical. Every time I see them they have me in stitches laughing. I am so lucky to be friends with all three brothers and their parents! It’s just a bonus that they all think I’m pretty cool, too.

Thomas lives on California’s Central Coast, so getting together required some logistics. Lucky for me, he is down here in the sunny part of California every few weekends visiting. I texted him one day and asked if he’d be willing to let me snap some photos for a Christmas present I was putting together fro his mom & dad Ryan. He – obviously – agreed.

I wanted somewhere outdoorsy. I used to live near Tri-City Park and thought it might be a nice location – which it was. The lake is gorgeous, the trees outstanding, and take a look at that sunset! To. die. for. Doesn’t help that Thomas is pretty easy on the eyes.

We spent a little while chatting and having fun snapping photos – trying to avoid the Turducken that was after me. I don’t know what it is with me and birds, but they love me.

Thomas RyanPlacentia CaliforniaTri City ParkTri City ParkTri City Park

Thomas insisted on this last photo. His shoe was untied – he decided to use the opportunity to have me snap a new photo he could use to woo ladies with. I think it worked – last time I saw him he had a lovely new lady friend. It just goes to show how important good photography is to life’s happiness.


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