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The Ryan family is one of my favorites! I have known them for three years and every single member of the family – from those pictured below to the parents, the brothers, and everyone in between – they have treated me like family and with love.  I was lucky enough to shoot Denis and Stacy’s maternity photos over a year ago – which have yet to make it onto the blog! I was so pleased when they asked me to shoot their family photos after their sweet baby girl was born. Ashlynn is six months old now and is a happy little ray of sunshine! She fits right in with the rest of the family.

The Ryan family and I attempted to meet at the Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach a few weeks ago, but at our scheduled time it happened to be the one day in Southern California when it rained! It turned out to be a fortuitous, however, because the day we were supposed to meet the Nature Center was closed. The park outside its gates was available, but it was not as nice as what laid inside of them.

Missing the rain by mere minutes on the day we rescheduled, Shipley Nature Center was awash with cool colors and plants on the verge of blossoming. The native plants eager for the rain we’ve been missing in the midst of our drought. I am so happy we were able to shoot inside the gardens – it made for lovely photos with a lovely family.



Ashlynn was such a sweet, happy little girl.


The happy and proud parents.ryanblog_0029ryanblog_0030

These two photos make my heart melt. They are the sweetest! Look at that love.ryanblog_0031Dylan, Stacy, and Denis – cozy in their winter gear as the rain threatened to interrupt our shoot again.ryanblog_0032ryanblog_0033ryanblog_0034ryanblog_0035The Ryan FamilyThe Ryan FamilyAshlynn and her proud parentsThe Ryan Family

Dylan, Stacy, and Ryan

My favorite location! Stacy noticed the beautiful berries as we were walking by and they were just to die for! Their Christmas-like vibe made them impossible to resist. Stacy and AshlynnDenis and StacyAshlynnThe Ryan Family



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