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Photo by Ashley Glass

My road into photography has been a long and trying one. I had to be around 4 or 5 when I first realized I wanted to take pictures. My dad used to rent scary movies and, since I hated watching them, I used to sit in the hallway and look at his National Geographic magazines just staring at the images.

Unfortunately, I have always been a shy and anxious person — something I’d later find out was a real medical problem. I pursued photography as a hobby but never thought I’d get anywhere with it because I didn’t have the personality or the connections to make a name for myself.

In high school I was the yearbook photographer and loved it. Once I had to decide a major degree program for college I buckled and jumped around from English to Web Design, never really knowing what I could do but always knowing what I wanted to do. I ended up in Philosophy and, while I love it, my heart still longs to be a photographer.

This June I will finally have my BA degree in Philosophy and instead of pursuing my philosophy PhD. as was the plan, I have decided to do my masters in Photography first. While I still don’t think I am good enough to get into a program or to get an internship I am going to try.

I know if I am ever going to do something with photography I need to have more confidence but this is how I see it… I am a shy person, I always have been. I can make friends, I go out when I want to, I do well learning and I love people. I don’t want to sell myself out and begin marketing aggressively (something I openly dislike) or become some self-important jerk with a camera — not that I see photographers this way. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, in a world where anyone with a cell phone camera is calling him/herself a photographer I want to know I’m worthy of the title before I claim it. I look at the National Geographic magazines and think, I have no idea how they managed to do that and I want to learn. Until then, I’m a girl, with a camera and a desire to make people see the world for the beautiful place it is. Every scene is unique and every person has a story… I want to capture those things with my camera.

I don’t care if it’s over wrought or a tired story because no matter what, it’s mine.
I will always be honest and I will always maintain my integrity and most importantly, I will always try to do good. I love helping people. I love showing people things they may have missed.

So, now begins my search for a photography job/degree or internship. Hopefully I can find my way into the field with the strong desire to learn and a good knowledge of philosophy. If anyone hears of anything I would appreciate passing the information along.


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