Perseid Meteor Shower | Sequoia National Forest

As a photographer it’s sometimes hard to keep up with photos taken for your personal life. We get distracted [rightfully so!] by the photos we take for other people’s special days and events ours just fall by the wayside. A lot of the time they figuratively collect dust on our hard drives, long forgotten and ignored. My photos are no different, these photos probably would have been long forgotten had I not uploaded them into my blog immediately. Unfortunately, they collected that metaphorical dust waiting for me to write about them. I’ll save them from being forgotten! Hooray!

About a month ago Jake and I went to the Sequoia National Forest to photograph the Perseid Meteor Shower. It was a short trip, and, despite me being the worst packer ever, it went really well. See, I forgot almost everything at home. I left for the weekend with only a pair of shorts and the skirt I wore on the drive. Needless to say, the shower and change of clothes I got when I came home were the best of my life.

I feel pretty bad about the above photo. Jake and I climbed up on this log and got down with too much trouble. A rather athletic couple tried the same photo after us and both fell and hurt themselves. People often think I’m not good at the outdoorsy stuff, and rightfully so, much of it I can’t do. I am, however, pretty good at climbing. 

Jake and I missing the timer for a jumping picture.

Jake falling after attempting a hand stand picture.

Me trying to help Jake with a handstand picture.

I fell while trying to get on the rock. 🙁 I still have a scrape on my knee.

I didn’t get any photos of the meteors, but I was able to get some stellar star photos. PUN INTENDED.

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