March Against Monsanto [Los Angeles, California]

March Against Monsanto was a HUGE success. Protesters marched in over 300 cities on 44 countries to stop Monsanto and other agribusinesses from using GMOs in our food. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, that means, anything scientists have altered. Monsanto most notably uses GMOs to prevent plant death from RoundUp. Monsanto produces RoundUp, a pesticide used to kill weeds and other unwanted plants. However, Monsanto also produces GMO seeds for popular staple crops like Soy and Corn. The GMO seed is patent protected because it can be sprayed with RoundUp without dying. It is genetically altered to be RoundUp resistant. Also, the GMO seed has what is called a “terminator gene” that prevents saved seeds from germinating the next season. Each season, farmers who use Monsanto seeds must purchase new seeds.

There are many reasons to not want GMOs in our food — or, simply to want them labeled — there are claims that there are adverse health effects, farmer’s rights, agribusiness in general, etc. My reason for being against GMOs is for the environment. Growing one type of seed leaves our crops vulnerable to viruses, which could wipe out the food supply. GMOs are not good for the environment.

I decided to volunteer with March Against Monsanto – Los Angeles, organized by Dorothy Muehlmann and volunteers – to get the word out there about GMOs. GMOs are in almost everything and we believe GMOs should — at the very least — be labeled. We have a right to know what we purchase.

The Los Angeles march alone gathered at least 1,000 people that marched from Pershing Square to Los Angeles City Hall. Protesters were greeted with speakers and entertainment ranging from organic farmers to Zumba instructors, to actors, models, and even Ed Begley Jr. and Jeremiah Fraites from The Lumineers [who I LOVE!] came to speak out about GMOs.

Please, whatever you do, be informed about what’s in your food. Look up GMOs, find reliable information, and be informed.

Article in the Los Angeles Times.
More information about GMOs from Millions Against Monsanto
The March Against Monsanto Facebook page
The March Against Monsanto – Los Angeles Facebook page

My Favorite, I love how the kid has “Heck no” and the adult has “Hell no”

The Aztecs protesting GMOs

Dorothy Muehlmann gives a welcoming speech about why we’re gathered and the dangers of GMOs

Ed Begley Jr. Speaks out against GMOs. 

Jeremiah Fraites from The Lumineers

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