Animal Advocacy Museum Cocktail Party [Pasadena, California]

Before the March Against Monsanto, my sister had to go to various mixer events trying to raise awareness and support. One such event was held at the Animal Advocacy Museum in Pasadena. The AAM is dedicated to “educating the public about the many issues surrounding the way animals are treated.” I am a huge supporter of the humane treatment of animals and jumped at the chance to attend this cocktail party with my sister. I even got to meet Ed Begley Jr.

My ever faithful friend and model, Jake accompanied me to the cocktail party.

I was lucky enough to snag these two handsome men as dates, actually. Jake and Travis we so kind to get dressed up in their very best and attend the party with me. Here’s there Star Trek poses. I hadn’t seen Into Darkness at this point, they were teasing me because I had sworn them to secrecy about the movie. I didn’t want any spoilers, no matter how insignificant.

Travis had his hand at his side held in the Live Long and Prosper – I teased him and got the picture on the left.

Dorothy and I.

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