“...Stars are up now no place to go, but everywhere .”


AboutThe world is a beautiful place; I just document it.

I believe in holding on a little tighter, trying a little harder, and always loving a
little bit more. I'm for overcoming when faced with defeat, for hoping when
faced with despair, and loving when faced with hate.

I'm a Southern California native with a heart full of wild abandon.
I was born with an innate desire to help others and care a little bit too much.

Most days you can find me gallivanting around Los Angeles with
my two dogs, Lestrade & Dantes, traveling whenever possible,
and generally doing too much.

You are beautiful and kind. You are funny and sweet. I posses no special powers, no secret formula. I capture you as you are, perfect. I promise to capture the little moments: the little glance, the big laugh, the moment when you are at your most real. I will capture you without fear, without pretense, and without a mask. Just you, happy, wild, and free.


STP Telescope Logo Stamp

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