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Remember when I said I loved the Ryan Family? I was not joking. This time, I met one of the brothers at Tri City Park in Placentia. The whole family is kind, caring, and hysterical. Every time I see them they have me in stitches laughing. I am so lucky to be friends with all three brothers and their parents! It’s just a bonus that they all think I’m pretty cool, too.

Thomas lives on California’s Central Coast, so getting together required some logistics. Lucky for me, he is down here in the sunny part of California every few weekends visiting. I texted him one day and asked if he’d be willing to let me snap some photos for a Christmas present I was putting together fro his mom & dad Ryan. He – obviously – agreed.

I wanted somewhere outdoorsy. I used to live near Tri-City Park and thought it might be a nice location – which it was. The lake is gorgeous, the trees outstanding, and take a look at that sunset! To. die. for. Doesn’t help that Thomas is pretty easy on the eyes.

We spent a little while chatting and having fun snapping photos – trying to avoid the Turducken that was after me. I don’t know what it is with me and birds, but they love me.

Thomas RyanPin ThisPlacentia CaliforniaPin ThisTri City ParkPin ThisPin ThisTri City ParkPin ThisTri City ParkPin This

Thomas insisted on this last photo. His shoe was untied – he decided to use the opportunity to have me snap a new photo he could use to woo ladies with. I think it worked – last time I saw him he had a lovely new lady friend. It just goes to show how important good photography is to life’s happiness.


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Ton Family Photos

I met Vu and Christine – along with their adorable puppy, Loki – at the San Dimas Dog Park. When Loki and and Lestrade met, they very quickly became friends. So much so that we joked that they were boyfriend and girlfriend!

It’s not many people that truly understand what it’s like to live with a German Shepherd Dog. They are large, loud, and prefer to get most of their exercise by wrestling and torturing other dogs. It was so nice to have friends with a GSD puppy that could understand the terror of having a beast as a dog. Although we very rarely get to the dog park anymore, we are still close friends.

I was so happy when Vu and Christine signed up for one of my family mini-sessions – and even more excited when they told me Loki would be joining us! Vu, Christine, and Loki have welcomed Lestrade, Dantes, and myself into their family with open arms. They are such a sweet family.

I met Vu and Christine at Los Encinos Park in La Verne shortly before sunset. In Southern California the weather is usually extremely sunny. Like, burn-your-face-off sunny. However, I think my mini-sessions are weather-cursed. First, with the Ryan Family it was raining – a lot! With Vu and Christine it was foggy. Southern California never gets fog! At least not this far inland.

Despite the odd weather the sun was out and it made the sky light up in reds and oranges as the sun went down. The sky was as bright as Vu and Christine’s smiles. Loki was as rowdy as ever and it was just tons of fun to shoot.

Vu, Christine, and LokiPin ThisPin ThisPin ThisPin ThisTon FamilyPin ThisPin ThisVu and ChristinePin ThisVu & Loki, Christine & LokiPin ThisPin ThisPin ThisPin ThisPin ThisPin ThisAs you can see, Vu, Christine, and Loki are such sweet people. They are so full of love and joy that it couldn’t help by spill out into the photos. I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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  • December 14, 2016 - 6:00 pm

    Christine - We had so much fun and love the pictures! Thanks Liz! ❤️ReplyCancel

The Ryan family is one of my favorites! I have known them for three years and every single member of the family – from those pictured below to the parents, the brothers, and everyone in between – they have treated me like family and with love.  I was lucky enough to shoot Denis and Stacy’s maternity photos over a year ago – which have yet to make it onto the blog! I was so pleased when they asked me to shoot their family photos after their sweet baby girl was born. Ashlynn is six months old now and is a happy little ray of sunshine! She fits right in with the rest of the family.

The Ryan family and I attempted to meet at the Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach a few weeks ago, but at our scheduled time it happened to be the one day in Southern California when it rained! It turned out to be a fortuitous, however, because the day we were supposed to meet the Nature Center was closed. The park outside its gates was available, but it was not as nice as what laid inside of them.

Missing the rain by mere minutes on the day we rescheduled, Shipley Nature Center was awash with cool colors and plants on the verge of blossoming. The native plants eager for the rain we’ve been missing in the midst of our drought. I am so happy we were able to shoot inside the gardens – it made for lovely photos with a lovely family.


ryanblog_0025Pin This

Ashlynn was such a sweet, happy little girl.

ryanblog_0026Pin Thisryanblog_0027Pin Thisryanblog_0028Pin This

The happy and proud parents.ryanblog_0029Pin Thisryanblog_0030Pin This

These two photos make my heart melt. They are the sweetest! Look at that love.ryanblog_0031Pin ThisDylan, Stacy, and Denis – cozy in their winter gear as the rain threatened to interrupt our shoot again.ryanblog_0032Pin Thisryanblog_0033Pin Thisryanblog_0034Pin Thisryanblog_0035Pin ThisThe Ryan FamilyPin ThisThe Ryan FamilyPin ThisAshlynn and her proud parentsPin ThisThe Ryan FamilyPin This

Dylan, Stacy, and RyanPin This

My favorite location! Stacy noticed the beautiful berries as we were walking by and they were just to die for! Their Christmas-like vibe made them impossible to resist.Stacy and AshlynnPin ThisDenis and StacyPin ThisAshlynnPin ThisThe Ryan FamilyPin This



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There is a lot of literature about the best way to go about returning to blogging out of a long absence. “Don’t mention you’ve been gone!” some say. Others say “Your readers have a right to know!” Still more argue it is irrelevant. Most of the time their concern is with maintaining or increasing business. Telling readers you’ve been missing is like admitting you are incapable of running a business. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve blogged up on this site. They say maintaining a consistently updated blog is the key to getting new business in the Web 2.0 era. Oops.  Truth be told, I am not writing this to garner more business, but to explain. Parts of this post will be controversial and opinionated, so if that sort of thing turns you away, I’m sorry in advance.

Almost a year ago, about the time that last post went up, I had a set back in a lifelong struggle. See, since I was a kid I’ve had Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depression. I’ve spent years in and out of doctors, off and on meds, trying different things, but there is no cure. About November of last year I hit a huge slump. Massive. I felt like my entire world was crashing down around me. I didn’t care about anything, really. I got up, showered, laid in bed, got up, worked, came back to bed. That was my life for nearly three months. I didn’t have health insurance and was scrambling to get signed up with Obamacare (hello, Medi-CAL!) all while footing hundred dollar visits to psychiatrists and psychologists. When those proved to be (very quickly) too expensive, I was left to my routine of spending all my time in bed. Towards December I was put onto medication and slowly started crawling out of the black hole I felt I was in.

So what happened then? Well, since I felt I was recovering from a shattered world, I didn’t want to push myself. Anything that gave me stress, I avoided. Blogging happened to be one of those stresses.

Few things happened between last January and now, but a quick recap will explain where I am at. I got a dog, a beautiful, German Shepherd/Malamute puppy named Lestrade. She has been a tremendous help and has sort of acted like a therapy dog — without all the training! In the middle of summer I found out Lestrade had hip dysplasia and will need a total hip replacement. A surgery costing about $8,000. It is scheduled for this December. Come September, I was back in school – starting my first year as a graduate student.

This whole time I’ve been shooting, working quietly and contently. Honestly, the few times I felt my life had meaning or direction (until I started school) was when I was behind the camera.

So, there, readers. There is an explanation of my absence and a hope for forgiveness.  I can’t promise at all I will post more. I probably won’t. Graduate school is very time consuming and with Lestrade going into surgery soon most of my time will be prepping for that and caring for her during recovery.

I still shoot. I still love it. I’m still here.




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Ashley and Justin’s holiday session is one of my favorite sessions to date. They are by far two of my favorite people in the whole world. They are tremendous fun to be around, they’re smart, witty, and most of all they love each other dearly. I am so lucky that one day in college, I turned to see that there was only one other girl in my philosophy class. Even more lucky that I’m an understanding person and Ashley’s first words of, “you should probably wear more makeup” didn’t scare me away from her. Instead, we became great friends.

So, when Ashley asked if I would take her and Justin’s holiday photos I was more than happy to. Shooting Ashley and Justin is always enormous amounts of fun because they are willing go along with whatever I suggest. No matter what their love shines through and that’s what makes a beautiful photo.

For their holiday photos they wanted to go pumpkin picking! Unfortunately, due to family problems our session got delayed and there weren’t many pumpkins to choose from. It didn’t matter to them, Ashley and Justin rocked it through the corn maze and in the woods.


Cornfield MazePin ThisAshley and JustinPin ThisOak Glen, Ashley and JustinPin ThisAshley and JustinPin ThisLovebirdsPin ThisAshley and JustinPin ThisOn the logPin ThisAshley and JustinPin ThisAshley and JustinPin ThisAshley and JustinPin ThisAshley and her umbrellaPin ThisAshley and JustinPin ThisAshley and JustinPin ThisAshleyJustin 0114Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0127Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0133Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0138Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0146Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0150Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0155Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0161Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0165Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0166Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0168Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0178Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0182Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0190Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0202Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0210Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0218Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0223Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0228Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0233Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0234Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0245Pin ThisAshleyJustin 0264Pin This

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  • November 13, 2013 - 5:39 pm

    Ashley McAdams Glass - gahhhhhhhh DEAD. just DEAD. so damn good, my friend (; ReplyCancel

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    Beckie Woodfield - I absolutely love these!!! So amazing!!ReplyCancel

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    Emma Brady Williams - so super awesome!!! ReplyCancel

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    Janet Holmes - beautiful picturesReplyCancel