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1. The Who:
I’m Liz. I’m a photographer, philosopher, I’m obsessive about polar bears, and I moonlight as a professional cat post. My day revolves around creating stellar images, keeping my cats from knocking over everything I own, playing with the most beautiful pup you have ever met, and devising schemes that allow me to hug polar bears. I LOVE love and love creating images that show people how beautiful they are, everyday. 

2. The What:
I do what most people with a cell phone do. I take pictures. So, how is what I do different? I live to make people feel loved and wanted. When a photo is taken, there’s a brief moment when someone sees a photo of themselves that they love where everything stops. ┬áBefore they react, before they start showing it off, they get a sort of sheepish smile that seems to say “wow, I am me.” They realize all they have to offer the world and who they are as a person is wrapped up in this photo. I love that moment and live to take the photo of every person I meet that makes them stop and realize how special they are. I get the little moments when you think no one sees you, when you steal the smile of your soon-to-be-betrothed as they’re standing next to you. I get the smile that passes your parent’s face when they realize how much they love you. I get the laughs your friends share as you take take the dance floor. I get the real you, not the posed, fake you, but the one that comes out when you’re relaxed, happy, and being exactly who you are.

3. The When:
I am available for booking on every day of the week – minus major holidays, of course. Send me an email at and see if I’m available.

4. The Where:
I am based in Los Angeles, California, but am totally willing to travel worldwide.

5. The Why:
When you choose star thrower photography for your photographic needs you are not only getting beautiful photographs, you are also making a conscious effort to make the world better. Here at Star Thrower, a portion of every booking goes to support an organization from this list or to an organization of your choice. Star Thrower is dedicated to pursuing every way possible to make the world a more beautiful and compassionate place. I believe in conservation and stewardship of our planet, care for all the living creatures, and showing people compassion.

The world is a gorgeous place filled with unique and beautiful people. I believe each person has the ability to make significant changes to the world around them and choosing a photographer should be no different. The choices people make have profound impact on the world around us and every choice should try to bring more good things into the world. So, while you are getting photographs that capture you as you are, you’re also giving to a cause that matters.